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♥ High quality rhinestones in vibrant colors and excellent clarity. MEASURED BY WEIGHT
♥ Flatback round resin rhinestones
♥ 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, RHINESTONES SOLD IN BAG of 0.05 (1440 PCS) oz by weight OR 1oz Jars by weight.

♥ Can be used to Diy Shoes, Clothing, glass, glass cup, arts, crafts, metal, sunglasses, plastic, silk, leather, denim, lycra, cotton, wool, linen, paper, polyester, daruma, wood, canvas, nylon, decoration nail, face. Can't be used on teeth. Ideal for making unique birthday, christmas, thanksgiving gifts for family, kids, friends, lovers, girls.

♥ Use tweezers and Picking Pen to pick rhinestones*

Blueberry Flatback Resin Rhinestones

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